Elite AC LLC has partnered with Lennox to bring homeowners in Jacksonville a full selection of branded heating and cooling products. Lennox International has a history that stretches back almost 130 years. It may have started out small, but today it is one of the most trusted providers of HVAC systems and components in the United States. As the premier heating and AC service in Jacksonville, we pride ourselves on working with the finest companies. Lennox operates more than 6,000 distribution and manufacturing hubs in North America alone. And Elite AC can give you access to its heat pumps, air conditioners, ventilation systems, and replacement parts.

Stepping Back in Time

Of course, you may already have a Lennox system installed in your home. If this is the case, we’re happy to provide you with a full HVAC service and any repairs you might need. We’d love to have you as a customer, even if your installation was not originally fitted by us. Elite AC recognizes and celebrates the quality of all Lennox products.

The brand was founded all the way back in 1895, but it originally provided products for the railroads. However, founder Dave Lennox created the first ever riveted steel furnace. This led to a number of key developments for domestic heating and cooling systems. Now, Lennox is based in Texas, and it builds HVAC and refrigeration units for buildings across the country.

Looking at the Product Line Up

Lennox has the most diverse product line up of any our partners. As well as manufacturing traditional heaters and AC systems, it also offers solar powered devices. They combine air conditioning technology with SunSource modules. This allows users to offset part of the cost of cooling their homes.

These are just some of the Lennox products that we can install in your home or business:

Making a Promise to Customers

Lennox provides some of the quietest and most efficient HVAC solutions on the market. This makes them ideal for family homes and small businesses. As every installation is covered by a warranty, it is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Also, don’t forget that Elite has you covered for routine maintenance and your annual HVAC service.

We’ve got plenty of advice on improving the ventilation in your home, and we can help you pick out the right AC and heating products. Just get in contact with a member of our team and tell them what you need.